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the application is updated with notable news

The Telegram application has just been updated to version 7.3 with a good number of new features, especially one that we had already talked about in beta: voice chats. Further, Telegram allows you to move the application to the SD, improves the loading of stickers, offers new animations and much more.

Instant messaging on mobile phones is not only one of the pillars of communication, but also has ended up bringing together many more functions. And there is no app that is more determined to innovate than Telegram; not in vain its update history is as extensive as it is prolific. And constant: we already have a new update among us. Very juicy, it shows that we are at the gates of Christmas.

It is now possible to communicate in a group through voice chats

Telegram has officially included group calls, although not in the way that other messaging applications, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, did. Instead of opening rooms where everyone can communicate at the same time, Telegram opts for voice chats, a kind of talkgroups that look more like Walkie-Talkie channels than actual calls.

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New Telegram voice chats can be created in any of the groups. Conversation guests will be able to talk to each other with the 'push to talk'(' push to talk 'or PTT). Each administrator can create a voice chat and invite whoever he or she sees fit, the whole group does not have to be there. In this way, another layer of conversation is created where each contact that intervenes will use their voice.

Apart from the new voice chats, which focus attention within the news section, Telegram 7.3 includes a lot more new features:

  • Stickers load faster. Telegram optimizes the loading of the stickers, both animated and static. And it allows the outline to be visualized beforehand so that the sticker can be recognized without being completely seen.

  • Files can now be downloaded directly to the SD card. Users who need space on their phone can choose SD as the download storage.

  • New animations. Telegram for Android improves the animations in different actions of the app. As in the profiles, in the message counter or in the new message button.

  • Multimedia editor enhancements. On Android you can edit the photos already sent to include effects or stickers.

  • Telegram animates even more Emojis.

  • New platform for suggestions and errors. Telegram has created a page where anyone can detail the errors found in the applications, it is also possible to incorporate suggestions for future versions of Telegram.

Telegram 7.3 is now available in the Google Play Store: you can download the update from there. In the event that you want to test voice chats, you must wait for all users who are going to participate have the latest version of Telegram.



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