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The Android text selector includes a unit and currency converter

For several years now, the context menu that appears when selecting a text on Android it shows several additional options besides clipboard access. One of the first added features to arrive was access to the Google Assistant, although with Oreo came contextual options when you select addresses, phone numbers, and more.

One of the last contextual options to arrive is a unit converter Or rather, a shortcut to use the unit converter available in Google search faster than using the clipboard.

Convert units from text selector

The next time you are reading a recipe and you are not sure how many milliliters are a tablespoon, you will not need to copy and paste the number in Google to do the conversion, because the Android text selector works as quick access to unit converter.

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The Android text selector is starting to show most users a new contextual option, when it detects that you have selected a figure in a unit that can be converted. In that case, it shows the Convert menu in the floating menu.

By pressing the button, the conversion opens in the Google app, going from the original unit to which it is usually converted (for example, from degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit or from kilometers to miles). It is also possible to change the unit manually so that it becomes the one you choose.


Basically, this function serves as a quick access to avoid having to copy and paste the text in another window to do the conversion. Personally, I would have found it more useful if the conversion appeared in the tab shown at the bottom and not in a different window, although your reasons will have been for choosing this behavior.

Conversion is available for all units and currencies that Google can convert although, as it is a "smart" selection, the recognition is not always correct and sometimes it does not appear or when pressing the button a conversion does not appear, but a Google search.

Via | Android Police