The 9 best features that came to WhatsApp in 2020

WhatsApp has evolved notably during 2020, these were the main new features added. Haven't you tried them yet?

If you follow the news related to WhatsApp, you will know that the platform is in full evolution with the constant introduction of new functions. Now that 2020 is about to end, it is time to look back and recap everything that the messaging platform has added in these 12 months.

Next, we tell you what they are the best features that have come to WhatsApp in 2020. If you still do not know some of them, you are in time to discover them to get the most out of them.

From enhanced message search functions to easier ways to add other users to a dedicated mobile payment service, the new WhatsApp tools are very varied. Let's get to know them!

Best WhatsApp Features in 2020

These are the best features added by WhatsApp in 2020.

QR codes

It was May 2020 when we knew that WhatsApp was working on a tool that would allow adding contacts by scanning a QR code. We had little to wait to enjoy this feature, which became official a few days later.

You no longer have to give your phone number for someone else to add you to WhatsApp, just share your profile QR code so that you are added to their contact list.

To use this function, click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the app and tap on “Settings”. To the right of your profile picture you will see the QR code icon, on which you must click.

This way you will access the QR code that other users must read to add your profile, as well as the option "Scan code", which is what will allow you to add other users to you. Without a doubt, it is one of the most useful functions added by WhatsApp in 2020, so don't wait any longer to use it to share your profile with more people who use the app.

QR codes on WhatsApp

This is what QR codes look like in WhatsApp to add other profiles.

Silence any conversation forever

We had asked for it a lot and it has become a reality in 2020. Now you can forever mute notifications from any chat WhatsApp, including groups with dozens of people in which messages become a nightmare that never ends.

To silence your WhatsApp chats forever, you must select a conversation by clicking on it, click on the speaker icon on the top bar and, in the window that appears, select the option "Always".

So, you can forget about the chats that cause you the most discomfort on the messaging platform, which are usually the busiest groups. If you want to ignore those conversations even more, you can also hide WhatsApp chats to send them to the archived section.

Video calls of up to 8 people

WhatsApp video calls acquired special relevance and usefulness during the confinement experienced by the coronavirus in 2020. The limit of four participants hurt to the platform compared to services such as Zoom, capable of allowing meetings of up to 1,000 people.

For this reason, WhatsApp put the batteries in and began to work on expanding that function. Finally, in May it became official: WhatsApp video calls had a new limit of 8 participants. In this way, you can create a meeting through video call and invite seven more people.

New storage management feature

2020 has also been the year in which WhatsApp has added a new storage management function for those users who need to free up space on their mobile. Although it is a tool that you will not use as often as video calls, for example, it is appreciated that the service integrates it to quickly delete large or old files.

To free up space in WhatsApp with this new function, you must enter the app settings, click on "Storage and data" and then on "Manage storage".

In that section you will be able to see how much storage your mobile is occupied by WhatsApp multimedia files and discover what are the largest elements and those that have been forwarded more times, as well as knowing which conversations take up the most space.

In this way, you will have full information about the files stored in WhatsApp and you can use it to delete those elements you don't need to free up space on the phone.

New tool to free up space on WhatsApp

The new tool to free up WhatsApp space.

Advanced search for messages

Doesn't it often happen to you that you want to find an old message on WhatsApp and you can't? Those responsible for the platform know that this is a common problem among its users, and that is why they have wanted improve message search in 2020.

On the one hand, WhatsApp integrated an advanced search function through the magnifying glass icon that appears in the upper right part of the app. From there you can search for specific terms and select what kind of message is it (photos, videos, links, GIF, audio or documents).

After performing the search, WhatsApp will show you all the related results divided by the categories mentioned above.

Animated stickers

One of the differences that separated WhatsApp and Telegram before 2020 was the presence of animated stickers on the latter messaging platform. That inequality ended in June 2020, when WhatsApp launched its first pack of animated stickers.

In this way, you can now use both static and animated stickers to give a point of fun and movement to your conversations. If you have not yet used these stickers on WhatsApp, you can easily download them from the stickers tab of the application.

Dark mode in the app and on the web

Without a doubt, one of the best WhatsApp news in 2020 was the dark mode, which reached both the mobile application and WhatsApp Web. No more discomfort to your eyes when you use the messaging platform in places with poor lighting, activate the night mode and the interface will have dark tones with which you can converse more comfortably.

To activate the dark mode of WhatsApp on Android, open the app and access its settings. Then click on "Chats" and in "Topic", and select the option "Dark". The application will automatically adopt a dark blue tone with which you can better read conversations.

To activate the dark mode in WhatsApp Web, click on the three-dot icon in the upper left and, in the options menu that appears, tap on “Settings”. Then, click on the section "Theme" and select the "Dark" box so that the interface has more muted tones.

Messages that self-destruct

Privacy is the key to self-destructing messages, one of the most innovative features introduced by the platform at this time.

It is a tool that the user can activate so that all the messages sent from that moment on in a specific conversation are automatically deleted after 7 days. In the case of groups, the administrators will be in charge of activating this function so that the messages that are shared in it are temporary.

With regard to this function, there are some important exceptions that we must mention, such as the fact that the messages will not be removed if they have been cited or forwarded to another chat.

Payments on WhatsApp

Payments in WhatsApp chats

Payments in WhatsApp chats for Android.

We end with one of the most surprising news of WhatsApp in 2020: its payment service. After many rumors and tests, the platform officially integrated a tool to send and receive money through the app.

Although the WhatsApp payment service varies slightly in each country, there are a number of details in common: the user who wants to use it you will need a bank account and a credit or debit card associated with your name. In addition, a personal PIN from the UPI system will be required to carry out a transaction.

At the moment, the WhatsApp payment service is available in countries such as Brazil and India, although it is expected that become a global option in the coming months. Before they arrive in your country, check the things to keep in mind about payments on WhatsApp to avoid possible scams.

And so far the best functions introduced by WhatsApp in 2020. As you have seen, they are varied tools focused on offering a better user experience. We hope that the courier keep growing in 2021 with new features why it is worth continuing to use the platform.