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The 5 best fonts for Android

Ring in the new year with a makeover for your smartphone with the best fonts available for Android. We show you the most popular ones.

If something has distinguished Android from other operating systems for mobile devices, it is its customization capacity, giving the user the ability to choose and modify different aspects according to their tastes and preferences for a better user experience.

Wallpapers, icons, colors and many more aspects are what you can choose on your mobile or tablet to give it a unique look that goes with you. To all these aspects of personalization, we cannot forget the fonts or fonts, one of the characteristics preferred by millions of users.

The best fonts for Android 2020

The best fonts for Android 2020

So if you want to know what they are the best letter fonts for Android and the most popular this year, you cannot stop reading this article designed especially for you.

Top free font apps for Android

  • IFont (Experts of fonts)
  • Fonty
  • HiFonts
  • FontBoard
  • Fonts: keyboard fonts and emojis

Within the Google Play Store you can find different application alternatives that will allow you to change the typography of your device. However, we want to present you what we consider to be the best options, so that you can enjoy the best experience at all times.

IFont (Experts of fonts)

IFont Experts of fonts

IFont (Experts of fonts), one of the best font alternatives for Android

IFont is one of the best apps for Android fonts and one of the most popular in terms of customization for Android devices. As soon as you install the application and access it for the first time, you will find a huge list with all the available sources, where you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Once you find the ideal one for you, just select it and then click on the "download" option for the magic to begin. At the end of the process, it may be applied directly to your device or, on the contrary, downloaded in the form of an app and you must enter from the settings menu to choose the new font.


Fonty to create custom letter fonts

Fonty to create custom letter fonts

Fonty is a fun application that will allow you to create fonts or types of letters according to your tastes, you can even create them directly with your sketch by hand and apply them to your mobile, add stickers and many more elements.

However, it has a wide selection of preloaded fonts that you can select and apply, although its true attraction is in being able to give it the highest level of customization by creating them with your style.


HiFonts has a wide range of options for Android fonts

HiFonts has a wide catalog of options for Android fonts

Another of the best totally free applications to change the fonts of your Android device is HiFonts. Its incredible catalog of fonts allows you to access thousands of alternatives to download to your mobile.

Although it has a similar operation to IFont, in this case, the fonts will be downloaded and installed in the form of an application directly from the Google Play Store, where the app itself will check your device to know its compatibility and if it is positive You just have to choose "apply" to enjoy your download.


FontBoard with more than 50 fonts available

FontBoard with more than 50 fonts available

FontBoard goes beyond being a simple app to change the fonts of your Android mobile. It is a keyboard that allows you to choose from more than 50 different fonts that you can use in your favorite instant messaging applications or social networks.

You just have to install the app, give it the necessary permissions (it is totally safe, you should not worry) and the alternatives will immediately appear for you. It is important to note that FontBoard has a free version in which you can access variants such as "Space", "Bold", "Symbols", "Small Caps" and many more.

Still, if you want to access the full catalog, you can choose the paid version, everything will depend on your availability and preferences.

Fonts: keyboard fonts and emojis

Fonts with custom fonts and emojis for Android

Fonts with custom fonts and emojis for Android

It is very similar to FontBoard, Fonts is a keyboard that will allow you to choose from a catalog different fonts for your Android mobile. However, it has two big differences: less advertising and all its fonts and emojis are free.

An excellent alternative to personalize your mobile, in which you just have to install the app, grant it the necessary permissions and start enjoying your favorite sources in instant messaging applications, social networks and more.

How do I change the font type on Android?

To change the type of font in an Android terminal will depend mainly on the type of manufacturer, the launcher and its customization capacity. However, the steps to make these changes are very similar, so you must enter the settings of your device in the screen options and choose the font you want.

In many cases, you can add other alternatives that you can download directly from the manufacturer's store (as is the case with Samsung) and enjoy it almost instantly.

Also, you can try installing a launcher of your choice such as Nova Launcher (one of the most popular, complete and free) from the Google Play Store and try the variants it offers you.

Finally, you can also try some of the other apps that we presented earlier in our collection as the best options to consider. Now let us know which one is your favorite.