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The 22 Motorola mobiles that will update to Android 11

If you have one of these Motorola phones, you will be able to enjoy Android 11 sooner or later.

We already know what the Motorola mobiles that they will receive the update to Android 11.

The company itself has published on its official blog the list, consisting of a total of 22 devices, which includes the terminals compatible with the latest version of Android.

Android 11 for Motorola mobiles

We already know when Android 11 will arrive on Motorola phones.

From the Razr to the Moto G8: Motorola phones that will update to Android 11

The list in question includes mainly models released in 2020 With the exception of the 2019 Motorola Razr and some models of the Motorola One series. However, none of the models of the Moto G7 series launched in 2019 are present. Not even the Moto G7 Plus. Without further ado, this is the complete list:

For now Motorola hasn't updated any devices yet to the latest version of Android, nor has it given estimated dates for the arrival of this new version to its terminals. It merely indicates that the update will be available "in the coming months."