a quarter late for everyone

The 2011 Samsung mobile that is updated to Android 11… Thanks to LinageOS!

We should not thank Samsung but rather the Android community, but in any case it is surprising good news for those who have a Galaxy SII.

I said a few months ago that Android users are no longer interested in root, and yet sometimes going to the android community is the only way to keep a smartphone alive It has now exhausted its official Android update support period.

And yes, friends, fragmentation is still a big problem, almost endemic throughout the Google mobile platform, and although the Mountain View giant no longer offers specific details about the distribution of Android versions as it did before, the truth is that most of the more basic range stays anchored in its release version.

It was not the case of the Samsung Galaxy S II, a South Korean flagship back in 2011 that was born with Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, but it was Discontinued official support with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean a couple of years later, staying in the hands of an Android community that hasn't left you yet as they told us from GizmoChina.

Samsung Galaxy, Android bootloader

We have to thank the community and not Samsung, but… Yes, the 2011 Samsung Galaxy S II will have Android 11!

Nine years later, the Galaxy S II receives Android 11 thanks to LineageOS

The novelty has jumped as usual in the xda-developers forums, where a developer advertised the port from the latest version of Lineage OS 18.1 to the Samsung Galaxy S II, with all its datasheet from 2011 and without the need for hardware modifications.

As is obvious, do not expect it to be an official update by Samsung because it is not, but rather a personal nod from developers to one of the most popular smartphones of the Galaxy S family, and also of all history on the Android platform.

In addition, members of the team led by well-known users as PERFORMANCE or ChronoMonochrome on xda-developers, they have confirmed that his port LineageOS 18.1 is functional and compatible with IsoRec, so you can directly update any Galaxy S II using the usual process with the Odin tool.

Some developers make a nod to one of the most appreciated smartphones in the history of Android, the Galaxy S II, which receives Android 11 surely before many last generation mobiles ... Although unofficially and with some youth problems (or old age)!

LineageOS v18, with Android 11

Version 18 of LineageOS brings Android 11 to a lot of mobiles already abandoned by their manufacturers.

Any Galaxy S II, or rather almost anyone, because in effect the published ROM can be installed only on Samsung GT-I9100 models, and also has some youth problems that promise to be solved in future updates: GPS, FM radio or screen sharing, for example, does not work yet.

The installation process is standard through Odin following the steps indicated in xda-developers, so if you keep any Galaxy S II in the drawer it is very likely that thanks to him you can try Android 11 before than with your latest generation mobiles. They do warn us, detail to mention, that users will have to repartition and therefore erase the data from the internal storage to install the ROM.

If any of you I missed 'rooting' and messing with a smartphoneThe truth is that here you have an unbeatable opportunity to test your skills again.

Regarding fragmentation, at least we do know that Google knows the problem and has been working on reducing it for years with projects like Treble, and now also through agreements such as the one recently announced between Qualcomm and the search giant itself, which agreed to carry updates of drivers for most Qualcomm chipsets up to 3 and 4 years since its launch ... And if they do not comply, we will always have the _scene Android, of course! _