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that's how they want to finance their growth

Pavel Durov, founder of the social network VK and Telegram, has announced that future changes are coming for the competing messaging service of WhatsApp and Messenger. According to the CEO, Telegram is approaching 500 million users assets, and having paid most of the expenses from his savings, he says that with this level of growth "appropriate financing" is required.

For it, does not contemplate the option to sell the company as did "the founders of WhatsApp", because "the world needs an independent place where users are respected and a high quality service is ensured". Nor will the service be closed. With this in mind, he affirms that "Telegram will begin to generate income, starting next year." Let's see how they try to achieve it.

This is Telegram's plan to generate money: "most users will hardly notice it"

Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov has mentioned that all Telegram functions that are now free will remain free, so current users do not have to worry if it is met. However, Durov mentions that features will be added for advanced users and business accounts that will be paid.

What Telegram is going to do with effect on many users will be launching an ad platform (Ad Platform) to insert them into the channels. This advertising, they say, will not be intrusive (unlike that used by channel owners, Durov mentions), it will respect privacy and allow paying the cost of traffic and servers.

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Durov also says that if Telegram starts making money, the user community can benefit. So, as an example, large channel owners using the ad platform can benefit from free traffic. On the part of the creators of stickers, the company could launch them in a premium version and with more functions, in which case, it would allow their authors to take part of the profits.

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