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Support for RCS via Samsung Messaging begins to reach Galaxy phone users

It was there in 2018 when we heard for the first time about the alliance between Samsung and Google to natively bring support for RCS messages to the Korean brand's phones and after all this time, some users are seeing them as a message on the screen. alerts with the availability of this type of message.

The Rich Communication Services, better known as RCS, are an attempt to replace the traditional SMS of a lifetime but providing some of the best of instant messaging. Since its appearance, they have not stopped having the support of more companies and telephone operators and now it's Samsung's turn.

Now in Samsung Messages


RCS messages combine the best of SMS and instant messaging apps. They work with any mobile that is compatible and now also have support through the Samsung Messages application. It is no longer necessary for owners of a Korean brand phone to install the Google Messages application to be able to use Google's RCS-based chat features.

How to activate RCS messages: Google's 'WhatsApp SMS' on your mobile

Some users have begun to receive a warning informing them that their phone already has support to access the Google RCS based chat features in Samsung Messages.

Google Chat Features Dialog In Samsung Messages 478x1024

It is an expected novelty, because in spring Samsung announced that they were working to make possible the use of Google's Rich Communication Services (RCS) via the Samsung Messages app.

Samsung Messages Chat Settings 478x1024

Now with the latest Samsung Messages update, Samsung is rolling out support for Google's RCS chat features. A notice when logging into Samsung Messages alerts users to new functionality.

As they count in XDADevelopers, the messages sent through the service appear in blue bubbles instead of green, and they also have a reading recuse next to them.

Google's RCS chat support in Samsung Messages is also optional, so it can be enabled or if you prefer to use the application without chat functions.

Via | XDA Developers