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Stable WhatsApp is updated with customization of funds by chat, search for stickers and more

One is now available new update for the version of WhatsApp most used of all, the stable one. With this update, the background of each chat can be customized, a novelty that was introduced in beta a few weeks ago. Not only that: it also improves the sticker search engine and WhatsApp adds new animated stickers, in this case from the WHO.

WhatsApp has been introducing different new features in its beta updates in recent months, although most remain within the code without being visible to anyone. We know that payments are active in countries like India and that temporary messages are almost ready, these two options cannot be used yet. Yes, a few functions that were previously only beta are accessible: WhatsApp updates its stable version to catch up. Several news arrive.

Choose a background for each chat between different categories

Whatsapp Wallpaper Chat fund selector

The main novelty of the latest update of the famous messaging app implies a notable stop in the personalization of conversations. Until now WhatsApp only allowed to establish a background for all chats, so there were no appreciable differences when entering one conversation or another. With the update now a wallpaper can be chosen for each private or group chat. Of course, maybe when updating the generic background that was selected is lost. In the beta it was already happening.

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WhatsApp includes different wallpapers that can be selected by different categories. Light, dark, solid colors and 'My photos': each of the categories, with the exception of the one dedicated to their own photos, has images made by WhatsApp that perfectly adapt to the marked conditions. And the application offers a tool with which darken the wallpaper so that it fits into the dark theme.

Search Engine Stickers Whatsapp Sticker finder

Apart from the notable improvement in the customization of funds, WhatsApp has improved its sticker search engine: it is possible to find stickers by writing text, also Emojis. And the company has taken the opportunity to include a new pack of stickers, the one dedicated to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The stable version update is now available in the app store: you can download it directly from there.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

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