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so you can sign up for the Android beta

Do you want to be one of the first to release the news of Spotify on Android? Well, you have the possibility: it is very easy to sign up for the beta of the application. A few steps are enough to enjoy the Spotify beta on your mobile.

The beta versions of the key applications of each system are usually anticipate developments that take time to reach stable apps. WhatsApp beta is a good example: only those who sign up for the trial version, or who download the APKs with the updates, will know functions that usually take months to expand. Y something similar happens with Spotify. Because, do you want to test before anyone else what the music streaming platform is developing?

Get a beta invite from Google Groups

Spotify Beta Cover

The Spotify beta is not accessible directly in the Google Play Store since the company maintains certain restrictions on your access. Even so, it is not difficult to sign up since you will have the Spotify beta active in less than a minute.

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The beta activation process involves join the test group in Google Groups. Once you have had access, you can download the application directly from Google Play, it will also be updated with news before they reach the stable version. And you just have to do the following:

  • Access the Google Groups of Spotify Beta from this link. Whether you enter from a desktop computer or from your mobile.

  • Click on the 'Login' icon and choose the Google account you usually use with the Play Store. We recommend that you do not activate notifications for new messages.

  • Once you have access to the Spotify group you will have associated the beta invitation to your account. Now you just have to click on the access to Google Play.

  • Click on 'Become a tester' and you will have the Spotify beta active.

Spotify Beta 1

From the moment you become a 'tester' the Spotify application that will be downloaded from Google Play will be the beta, it will also be updated with the test version (until you exit the beta program). In this way you will have access to the news before anyone else, but always with a trade-off: like any beta app, the Spotify application that is being installed could have errors. Rate it before signing up for the platform tests.