so you can scan documents directly from Google Drive

100 million downloads doesn't make you invulnerable. This is what happened to the popular mobile scanning app CamScanner a while ago, which was involved in a serious controversy in 2019, even being removed from the Google application store.

Scan file to Excel for Android

Apparently, CamScanner housed a Trojan inside it that flooded the devices that had this application installed with advertising. This caused Google to be forced to eliminate the application from the Play Store and for its users to get down to work in the search for alternatives to what became the application par excellence for scanning documents.

But there is no need to worry as for scan with our Android mobile device We are not going to have to search much for the big G application store, since thanks to Google Drive we can directly scan any document and save as PDF quickly, easily and completely safely.

How to scan documents directly from Google Drive

Google Drive for Android receives one of its biggest redesigns to date

Google Drive is not only one of the best cloud services that we can use, but it also has interesting functions. Using Google Drive to scan documents couldn't be easier and only takes a few steps that anyone can do:

  • Open the Google Drive app.
  • Touch the button "Add" bottom right.
  • Click on "Scan".
  • Adjust the scan area with the option of "Trim".
  • Play "Ready" to save the current document.

As we can see, Google Drive allows us to scan documents in a few seconds thanks to our Android device. With this we manage not only to directly store these documents in the Google cloud, being able to access them from any other device, if not also have the certainty that all our documents are safe and all this, without Trojans involved.