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so you can officially have the improved voice control of Android 11 on your mobile

To facilitate people with difficulties to interact with a touch screen due to an accident, paralysis, tremors or for other reasons, Google officially launched Voice Access two years ago, which since last year works in Spanish, among other languages.

Google Voice Access allows us voice control our device, and with Android 11 came an improved version much more powerful that is capable of recognizing what is on the screen allowing us use the mobile phone by voice with a more natural language. Now this enhanced version of voice control reaches everyone.

The new Google Voice Access of Android 11 also in Android 6.0+, in Beta ...

Voice Access

Google has taken advantage of International Day of Persons with Disabilities for release the enhanced version of Voice Access to more devices. Now any device with Android 6.0 or higher will be able to use this powerful accessibility tool. Of course, at the moment it is only available in Beta.

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So if your mobile doesn't have Android 11 yet and you want to have the new Voice Access already, you will have to become a Voice Access tester and download or update the new Voice Access trial version. For a few months this new version will not reach all devices in a stable way.


Until now, Voice Access was showing numbers on the screen so we could say "tap 1", "scroll down 5" for example. In the new version it no longer shows anything, you can recognize the actions just by saying the name of the application or button, but if we don't know the name of a button we can ask you to show the labels instead of numbers.

Voice Access

Voice Access

Voice Access

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