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Guide with all the information you need to know to buy on WhatsApp: operation, available stores and security of in-app purchases.

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging platform on the planet, is no longer just for communicating with other users. Let's give a cordial welcome to the "cart", a shopping feature within WhatsApp that has come to stand up to e-commerce services like Amazon.

If before you did not need to leave home to make the purchase, now you do not need or exit the WhatsApp app, you can request an order directly from a chat.

Being a new feature, you may not be very clear about how you can go shopping on WhatsApp.

To put an end to all possible doubts, we have prepared this complete guide in which we will see how purchases work on WhatsApp, what stores are available and the security of operations, among other key aspects of the tool. Let's go there!

How do purchases work on WhatsApp?

Shopping cart on WhatsApp

WhatsApp includes a shopping cart to make it easier to buy products.

Much had been rumored about the integration of a shopping feature in WhatsApp. Months later, everything was confirmed: WhatsApp was going to add the direct purchase button for all users.

The tool has already officially arrived on the platform, which has allowed us to know closely how a button called to revolutionize the use of this popular messaging app.

Specifically, what WhatsApp has done has been add the cart button to WhatsApp Business, the version of the service aimed at businesses and companies. Despite this, any user can use this app, especially now that it has in-app purchases.

Following the introduction of this feature, businesses that want to sell their products through WhatsApp must upload a catalog with all your products and their respective prices, in addition to enable cart option of the purchase in their profiles.

Thus, if you enter the chat of a company and click on the store button -upper right corner-, you will be able to consult its entire catalog. If a product interests you, you will only have to select "Add to cart" so that it joins your WhatsApp shopping cart.

When you have finished adding products to the cart, click on the cart button - upper right area - to see everything you are going to buy. This is a provisional list, you can still add new units or remove elements that no longer interest you.

Once the purchase in WhatsApp is finished, click on the Send button -lower right corner- to send you all the information of your purchase to the store, who will receive it in the form of a message.

You still have time to modify the purchase, because you can edit the message that you will send to the store. How can you chat with the seller, Take the opportunity to ask possible questions about their products.

As you can see in the previous video, the process consists simply of choosing the products from a store, adding them to your cart and sending a message to the company with the details of your purchase.

While we await the arrival of WhatsApp payments to all users, the payment method for in-app purchases must agree with the seller.

In which stores can I buy it and how do I find them?

We have already seen that it must be the own stores those that enable the purchase option -or cart- in your company profiles. In addition, they must add the catalog of their products with all the necessary information for users.

To find out if you can buy from a company with a WhatsApp Web profile, you should look at whether or not you have the store button in the upper right corner, as this indicates that you have added a list of available products.

Store button on WhatsApp

This button is essential to know if you can buy from a store in WhatsApp Business.

As this is a completely new feature on the platform, WhatsApp does not yet have a complete list of all the stores that have joined the initiative.

However, we know that stores like Leroy Merlin and Alcampo already have company profiles on WhatsApp Business, so we might expect that enable the cart button in the near future.

When in doubt, we repeat, you should only look at the presence of the catalog button in the upper right corner of a company chat. If it is available, you have free way to buy in that store.

Does it have any extra cost?

No, buy through WhatsApp Business with your cart function it has no extra cost for you as a user. Add the products that interest you from a store's catalog to the cart, agree with the seller the payment method and send them a message with all the order details.

At all times you will be able to know the full cost of the purchase that you are going to make within WhatsApp, which will not have any added amount for the fact of buying on the platform.

Is it safe to buy on WhatsApp?

Although there have always been doubts around WhatsApp, the messaging service has notably improved security in recent years. Therefore, you can place an order on WhatsApp Web without fear of possible security breaches that compromise your data.

You do have to pay attention to the stores to which you are going to order an order through WhatsApp, as it happens in other e-commerce platforms. Check the reputation of the company, the ratings of other users and ask him all the questions you have in relation to the order before confirming it.

Later, in case of problems, you can always show how the purchase process was with the seller with the messages exchanged between them. For this, it is important that you make a backup copy of WhatsApp to be able to rescue the conversation if you need it.

The WhatsApp cart is a reality, which makes the messaging platform a new option for making online purchases. If you want to buy safely on WhatsApp, you just have to apply the same practices as with other online stores, especially with regard to buy from companies you already trust.