Clubhouse officially lands on Android

so you can become a 'tester'

Netflix maintains a beta test for its Android application, but this one It is not available directly as it does not appear on Google Play. Do you want to access it? It is possible to enter the test from a beta invitation, we explain how to do it.

Google has been offering a test system for applications since 2016: with betas all developers have the option to give access to unfinished versions for users to verify that they work correctly. And they are also an open door to try new features that will come soon to the apps, much of the already established software has a beta in the Android store. Sometimes it is visible (a notice in the Google Play tab) and is hidden under invitation.

Easily sign up for the Netflix beta

Netflix Beta

Developers can test their apps on Google Play in three ways: as internal test (only developers and a minimal team), closed test (beta under invitation) and open test (the access appears in Google Play). Netflix performs its tests under the second model. And it is enough to know the URL that enables signing up for the tests to enter the group of users who will receive the news of the application first.

How to know the maximum quality at which Netflix works on your mobile

As always with betas, you should bear in mind that testing unfinished software can cause Netflix services to not work properly. We have been testing its beta for a while and we can say that it is quite stable, but you never know. That you still want to try the Netflix beta? Just do the following:

  • Click on this link (mobile or desktop), it will take you to access the beta under invitation. You don't need anyone to invite you, the activation process is open.

  • Make sure you are logged into the browser with the Google account you use in the Play Store.

  • Click on the 'Become a tester' button. You will automatically have entered the beta.

Netflix Beta

  • Netflix will update your application to the latest beta. Since then you will always receive the app in tests.

  • In the event that you want to exit the beta, just access the Netflix tab on Google Play from your mobile and scroll down to 'You are a beta tester'. Click on the 'Exit' message and you will no longer receive the trial version.

Netflix Beta

Most of the experimental features are usually activated first in the beta version; not always globally as Netflix sometimes activates them selectively and through its servers. Even so, signing up for the beta implies going ahead of those who install the application in its stable form. Forever with the risk that the beta may not work properly, it must be considered.