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so you can access it from Windows or Linux

Are you in the living room watching TV (or in a restaurant, or ...) and a song that you want to identify is playing? You take out your smartphone and open the Shazam app. But, what would be nice to be able to use it also from our own PC, to analyze whatever song is playing while we work with it?

It turns out that Shazam, taking advantage of the latest redesign of its mobile app, has just presented a web version (in beta status) of your song recognition service, available from the home page of your website.

If you couldn't wait to continue reading and you launched into the previous link, you may be back here wondering why we have played with your feelings ... and where is the promised web app.

Screenshot 8

This will be the version of the web that you will be viewing if you do not have macOS or Chrome OS.

So you can use Shazam Web from any operating system

Don't worry, that just means you're not a user of Chrome OS or Safari / Chrome / Firefox on macOS, the only operating systems for which it has been enabled at the moment. But in reality, there is nothing to prevent a Windows or Linux user from enjoying this application on their computer.

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To achieve this, it will be enough to fool the Shazam website and convince her that we are using the latest version of Safari from macOS. And that, of course, we will achieve by altering the user-agent of our browser (that is, the 'business card' of our HTTP connection to the web servers we access).

For this, we can resort to multiple extensions, such as User-Agent Switcher and Manager (in Mozilla Firefox) or User-Agent Switcher for Chrome.

Once the user-agent desired, we will access and we will find the famous button 'Press for Shazamear' ready to use (although we must first grant the web permission to use the microphone of our team).

Screenshot 5

Mozilla Firefox from Windows by accessing the Shazam web app. In this step we are granting the web access to the microphone.