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Samsung sells exactly twice as many phones as Apple

Today, Samsung has twice the global impact of Apple.

The sale of smartphones during 2020 has been a roller coaster with constant ups and downs. Over the months the situation has stabilized and there are even companies like Xiaomi that have been very reinforced. In the case of Samsung and Apple the situation is quite even, although there is a determining factor: the tendency.

While the Korean giant advances slowly but grows, the Cupertino firm has experienced a slight setback that has accentuated the difference between the two companies to exactly double. Samsung sold almost 81 million smartphones in the third quarter of 2020 while Apple remained at 40 and a half million units sold.

The numbers don't lie

Samsung's roll-up mobile, in its first recreation

Samsung remains intractable as the company that sells the most smartphones.

During the last weeks we have seen several studies regarding sales in the third quarter and both the Gartner Agency and Canalys point in the same direction: Samsung is the undisputed market leader.

The South Korean company has been regaining its market share after a dubious start to the year and already slightly exceeds its 2019 numbers in the same period, while Apple faces a slight fall of 0.6%.

Regarding total sales numbers, Samsung shipped 80,816 million units while Apple se had to conform with 40.6 million smartphones sold. It is true that the number of phones that both companies have at the disposal of buyers is very uneven, but this does not detract one iota of merit from the enormous numbers that Samsung continues to harvest year after year.

Finally, in reference to market share, Samsung also doubles in scope to Apple, keeping the Asian firm with 22% of the pie for 11.1% of the brand of the bitten apple.