Samsung publishes the calendar of updates to Android 11 in Europe

We are at the end of 2020 and Android 11 continues to reach more and more brands and models of phones. The latest version of Android has now started to roll out in Samsung's Galaxy S20 family and we now know the dates of the updates for Europe of the rest of the most recent terminals from your catalog.

If a few days ago we learned about the calendar set for the Egyptian market with the arrival of One UI 3, now it is the old continent and its users who have doubts regarding the latest version of Android. To the Galaxy S20 that is already savoring Android 11, all these terminals will be added throughout 2021 and with some very popular ones it will be time to arm yourself with patience.

Samsung models that will update to Android 11


While in January Android 11 will arrive to the most powerful and recent models, the rest of the catalog will see how the latest version of Android does not arrive at least until the doors of spring. And in some cases, they will savor the upgrade almost when Google presents Android 12.

All the news of Android 11

As can be seen in the list, the bulk of the updates will take place between May and August 2021. A list in which the odd model is missing, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 2, although it is to be expected that in this case it will end up entering the updates of the first part of the year.

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January 2021

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