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Samsung patents a ring that charges your mobile battery wirelessly

Charging your mobile with a ring wirelessly: the latest (and crazy) idea from Samsung.

Imagine power charge your mobile simply by holding it in your hand, without having to connect it to a charger. Although it seems a bit strange idea, Samsung seems to have the intention to carry it out.

That is at least what a patent recently registered by the company with the Korean Intellectual Property Office indicates, which defines a wireless charging system based on something as simple as a ring.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra design

The back of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

Wireless charging via a ring: Samsung's latest idea

The idea itself is quite simple: the user a ring would be placed on the finger. Said ring would have a induction charging coil inside, and when coming into contact with the back of the mobile, the charging process would start wirelessly.

A curious fact is that the ring would obtain the necessary energy to charge the mobile from the finger's own movements, through a magnetic disk capable of transforming kinetic energy into electricity. In turn, the ring would also have the ability to convert body heat into electricity to be able to charge the device.

Samsung patent for a charging ring

This is the charging ring that Samsung has patented.

Like is logic, the ring must be in contact with the mobile to be able to charge the device, something that might not be entirely comfortable depending on the way in which we usually hold the mobile. In

Be that as it may, it is undoubtedly a ingenious idea –Although not as ambitious as Huawei's wireless remote charging patent– which, although it is likely to end up falling into Samsung's bag of patents that never see the light of day, could serve as a basis for develop new mobile charging systems integrated in wearables that eliminate the need to resort to cables and chargers at times when a extra Of battery.