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Samsung Galaxy A30 vs Galaxy A51, which is better? Features comparison

They are two of the cheapest Samsung phones, but which is better? We compare the Galaxy A30 vs Galaxy A51.

With such an extensive mobile catalog, it can be difficult to choose the most suitable Samsung smartphone. Especially if the idea is to bet on one of the cheap company mobiles.

In this segment, it is possible to find two models that stand out above the rest: the Galaxy A30s and Galaxy A51. And is that despite being two apparently different devices, they also share some features that make them reference models within their corresponding categories.

If you have doubts about which model to choose of these two, in this comparison we are going to review the most important differences and similarities between Galaxy A30s and Galaxy A51, to help you choose the most suitable for you.

Samsung Galaxy A51 vs Galaxy A30s, comparison

The Galaxy A51 and the Galaxy A31s, two of the cheapest Samsung phones.

Design and display: slimmer body and extra resolution for the A51

The two terminals share the same aesthetic line, that's clear. Both have a body built in plastic with glass effect, which Samsung refers to as "3D Glasstic". In any case, we have the advantage that plastic is a stronger material than glass.

Furthermore, despite the difference in numbering, the dimensions of both phones are practically identical, with 15.8 centimeters high and 7.9 millimeters thick in both cases. The Galaxy A30s, yes, has a slightly smaller screen size: 6.4 inches in front of 6.5 inch of the Galaxy A51. The latter also has a front camera integrated into a hole in the screen, while the Galaxy A30s opts for a small drop-shaped notch.

It also changes the resolution: Full HD + Galaxy A51 and HD + on Galaxy A30s. Also, since they both use AMOLED technology, the differences in sharpness are noticeable due to the use of a pixel array PENTILE, which makes the points that form the screen somewhat more visible to the naked eye. So, point in favor of the Galaxy A51 in this regard.

In terms of brightness, the Galaxy A51 also seems to offer a better result, although neither of the two shine in this particular section.

Cameras: more sensors, more megapixels

Rear Samsung Galaxy A51 in hand

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is one of the kings of the mid-range in 2020.

Although it is clear that more is not better, especially when we talk about photography, The tests have shown us that the photographic section of the Galaxy A51 is one level above of the built-in Galaxy A30s.

The 48 megapixels of its main camera offer a very good result in most scenes, while the 25 megapixel main sensor of the Galaxy A30s pales in night scenes or low light. Neither of the two terminals is a wonder at a photographic level, but if we have to choose one, the Galaxy A51 is the winner in this regard.

As for the selfies, although the differences on paper are clear -32 megapixels of the Galaxy A51 vs. 16 megapixels of the Galaxy A30s–, in the tests it has been seen that the captures generated by both sensors they have a decent quality in the scenes where the lighting accompanies.

Battery and performance: same capacity, different result

The fact that the Galaxy A30s has a lower resolution display that the Galaxy A51 has its advantages, the clearest being the fact that your battery lasts longer.

When having to upload a lower resolution image, 4,000 mAh battery you need less energy to bring the panel to life. Therefore, autonomy is sensibly superior in the case of the cheapest model.

While it is not a huge differenceYes, it may be interesting to take it into account. Above all because neither device has fast charging: the charging power in both cases is limited to 15W.

Processor and memory: more power for the big brother

Something other than the drums thing happens when we talk about the power of the Galaxy A31 and Galaxy A51, because in this case there is a clear winner.

The Exynos 9611 processor from Galaxy A51 offers a very good overall performance, while the Galaxy A30s chip, not as powerful and somewhat older, it can fall short when carrying out tasks that require a high graphic load.

In that sense, neither of the two terminals are the most suitable to run the games with the best graphics of the moment, but it is clear that the Galaxy A51 will go somewhat more unburdened at the time of doing it.

For the rest, we find 4 GB of RAM memory in both models, and an internal storage of 64 GB –in the Galaxy A30s– or 128 GB –in the Galaxy A51–: depending on the way you use your mobile, this may be an aspect to take into account.

What is worth taking into account regardless of the way you use your mobile is the memory technology used by each device. The Galaxy A51 has UFS 2.0 storage, faster than the eMMC storage included in the Galaxy A30s. This is noticeable when it comes to access files stored in memory or when running applications that require data saved on the device itself.

Connectivity: separated at birth

If you were looking for a Samsung mobile with 5G, you'd better look the other way: neither the Galaxy A30s nor the Galaxy A51 They have the latest technologies in terms of connectivity.

Instead, we settle for the classic: NFC, USB Type C, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, dual band Wi-Fi ... In short, the pack of traditional connectivity of any mid-range mobile launched in the last two years.

Other features

We have already reviewed the essential features of the Samsung Galaxy A30s and Galaxy A51. However, there are still some details that are worth noting about each of the models.

For example, both terminals have the same on-screen optical fingerprint reader, and both models are available in versions Dual sim or Single SIM. There is also the possibility of expand storage capacity of both models via microSD card.

Finally, something important to note is the fact that the Galaxy A51 It is among the Samsung mobiles with guaranteed updates for three years, while the Galaxy A30s stays out of that list. This implies that, although Galaxy A51 will receive Android updates up to at least Android 13, the Galaxy A30s probably will die with Android 12.

Samsung Galaxy A51 vs Galaxy A30s: which one do I buy?

Galaxy A51 display

Only the Galaxy A51 is among the best-selling phones of 2020.

If you have come this far, you should already have clearer differences between Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A30s, two terminals more similar than it might seem.

An important difference is the price, well the Galaxy A30s can be found for less than 200 euros, while the Galaaxy A51 touches 300 euros.

In any case, based on our experience we believe that The Samsung Galaxy A51 can be a much more recommended mobile for those who are looking for a device with which they will live for a few years. So much for power, screen image quality, photography and software support, the most expensive model - as is evident - will offer a better experience over time.

However, if what you are looking for is a telephone battle and you do not care if it lasts less time updated or being able to run the heaviest games and applications, the Galaxy A30s is a fantastic device taking into account its price of less than 200 euros.