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Samsung creates an application to improve the games on some of its mobiles

The effort to enhance games goes beyond the specific mode of the Samsung Galaxy: the manufacturer has created a application with which to improve certain titles on the most powerful mobiles. And it is already available in the Google Play Store, both for Exynos and Snapdragon processors.

That a Samsung Galaxy S20 or Samsung Galaxy Note 20 are perfectly suitable to start games of the highest quality is obvious since they belong to the highest range. However, not all titles work equally well: As their owners found, games like the latest Call of Duty for Android offered certain graphical errors in the most recent Galaxy. Samsung was aware of the problem. And he has done his homework creating an app that will keep mobile GPU updated.

Samsung GameDriver: Updated GPU to Power Gaming

Samsung Gamedriver Samsung GameDriver on Google Play

The idea behind the new application is that it can update GPU drivers and prepare games to run so that users have access to a complete and error-free entertainment experience. Currently it is compatible with few games, it is expected that it will include more and more titles as Samsung updates it.

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The app in question is called Samsung GameDriver, is already available in the Android application store and is distributed in two versions: for Exynos processors (Mali) and for Snapdragon SoCs (Adreno). The app is only suitable for the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20, it is installed automatically and works as a controller or 'Driver', it is not an application that can be executed by the user.

Samsung GameDriver is an app that installs drivers for games; user cannot directly open or configure it

Samsung GameDriver includes patches for improve the execution of Fortnite, Black Dessert and Call of Duty Mobile. As users corroborate in the comments on Google Play, the app has notably improved the use of the aforementioned games, a sign that Samsung's work is paying off. And not just from Samsung: the manufacturer has collaborated with Google Play, game developers and GPU makers to improve the games on their phones.

Samsung Gamedriver Space occupied by GameDriver on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The app is now available for the aforementioned mobiles: it is installed automatically (You probably didn't even realize if you have an S20 or Note 20). Samsung GameDriver is part of a commitment by the company to game developers: Samsung seeks to improve the experience at touch controls.

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