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Salesforce Confirms Acquisition of Slack for $ 27.7 Billion, Announces Integration with Salesforce Customer 360

A week after the first rumors appeared, and a day after the American media took it for granted, Salesforce has confirmed it: it will finally acquire the Slack collaborative platform after reaching a settlement worth $ 27.7 billion.

This offer is 10% higher than the highest of recent Slack reviews... a figure that rises to 60% if we take as a reference the market value of Slack just before the first rumors of the imminent purchase by Salesforce appeared.

Now, if Slack shareholders approve of the deal, will receive $ 26.79 in cash and 0.0776 Salesforce shares for each share. The transaction would close during the second half of 2021, with Slack becoming a new operating unit of the parent company.

Stewart Butterfield, founder of Slack, created the company after successfully selling Flickr to Yahoo! in another millionaire deal.

Slack, marked by its competition with MS Teams

Slack is a company that, despite its popularity, has not generated profits since its founding, because of its low percentage of paying users. To make matters worse, it has been unable to adequately capitalize on the boom in telecommuting tools in this pandemic year, due to competition from Microsoft Teams.

For Apple to buy Dark Sky to leave Android users without it is not strange: let's talk about company acquisitions

Salesforce plans go through integrating Slack "deeply" with Salesforce Customer 360, a cloud platform that allows companies to interconnect their company's cloud applications dedicated to sales, customer, support and marketing management. In fact, Slack would become "the new interface for Salesforce Customer 360".

In fact, Slack's integration with the whole Salesforce software ecosystem appears to be the best trick to face Teams and its integration with Microsoft 360. At least in the market: something else is the courts, where Slack has already filed an antitrust suit against Microsoft ... which remains to be seen if Salesforce is interested in maintaining.

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