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registers the name of its founder as a brand

They had already used the name of their CEO and founder on some cases, but now Xiaomi has directly registered the brand "Lei Jun" internationally ... What the hell are these Chinese cooking us?

Xiaomi grows and grows, that is the great reality of a Chinese giant that can boast of numbers also in 2020, and not only in a smartphone industry in which they are already references and not a promise coming from China, and in which even licenses like this spectacular Mi Alpha R sighted in sketches are allowed and that could be a reality next year.

In any case, with an already gigantic catalog of products that cost a millionaire, the truth is There are many crazy ideas that we see on Youpin and that sometimes reach commercial products and sometimes not, so it is difficult for the Haidian giant to surprise us with any of its movements.

Xiaomi Lei Jun Cases

Xioami had already used her new brand “Lei Jun” on some cases for her cell phones.

Nothing could be further from reality, and this time Xiaomi has misplaced the whole world requesting registration through your firm Xiaomi Technology of a new brand called "Lei Jun", using the name of its CEO and founder without offering further details.

We were told by the colleagues of Xiaomi Addicts, who follow the daily life of the Chinese firm, confirming the news published in the first instance by ITHome and that it announced this request made by Xiaomi internationally last December 7.

Be that as it may, and paying attention to the truth, already before we saw the brand "Lei Jun" appear on official cases for Xiaomi mobiles, as you can see in the image, although this time lots of sectors are added in the request, including transportation, musical instruments, metal materials or even jewelry.

Xiaomi registers the Lei Jun brand

The registration sheet confirming the news, with the brand “Lei Jun” in the name of Xiaomi.

As you will expect, we do not have for now not a single detail about what Xiaomi intends with this new brand, nor for what type of business or products it would be used, although some media affirm that the only motivation is the protect its founder's name in a voracious market where others could have used it to gain notoriety.

It sounds strange anyway, so most likely something is preparing us surely in new and different fields, so we will have to be attentive because we already know Lei Jun's career in the tech industry that anticipates great things ... What do you have in store for us, Xiaomi?