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Pornhub will ask for verification to upload videos and remove downloads to avoid abuse after serious complaints from NYT

Pornhub has announced that from now on, only verified profiles will be able to upload content to the platform. Along with this, it has taken other measures aimed at combating child abuse and exploitation, in response to a very harsh and devastating report by The New York Times where several very traumatic cases of victims were reported who said that despite being reported, their videos did not stop appearing on the web.

Following the publication of the article, alarms were raised at payment and credit card giants VISA and Mastercard, which are allowed payment methods on Pornhub, and both have stated that they are investigating their relationship with the platform. As reported by La Vanguardia, VISA has stated that if they find out that Pornhub violates the law, they will prohibit making payments from the web. Something similar has been expressed from Mastercard speaking of "immediate actions" if the accusations are founded.

This is how Pornhub has responded to the accusations


PornHub's first response to the Associated Press was on Sunday, when they stated that it was "irresponsible and flagrantly false" to claim that there are images of sexual abuse of children on their website. However, it didn't take long for the web to block many of the problematic searches in which The New York Times claimed content for minors, such as "girls under18" or "14yo" (14 years ).

However, as we said at the beginning, the company has reacted with a statement called "Our Commitment to Trust and Safety", though without mentioning the New York Times article. They affirm that they have always been committed to eliminating illegal content such as child abuse or pornography without consent, and they review that in April of this year they have carried out independent evaluations with experts to focus on eliminating illegal content and getting to be the best in them of the industry.

In any case, the main measures taken as a result of the statement are:

  • Exclusive upload for verified persons. Only those people who belong to the "Model Program" will be able to upload content for the time being, and from the new year it will implement a verification process after completing an identification protocol.

  • Goodbye to downloads. Porhbub has eliminated the option to download videos to its users, except for paid downloads framed in the 'Model Program'. In this way, they say, they will prevent previously deleted content from returning.

OnlyFans, the "Porn Patreon" which gives control to creators in exchange for 20% of the proceeds

  • Extended moderation. One of the most critical points of the Times article is that Pornhub has a small moderation team considering the challenges it faces. Pornhub claims that they have deployed an additional layer of restraint, with a "Red Team" dedicated solely to auditing illegal material.

In addition to this, they say that the independent analysis started in April 2020 follows, and that in 2021 they will launch a transparency report together with the total number of reported incidents of child pornography.

If anything, the MindGeek group, to which Pornhub belongs, is huge, and It is of little use to apply more restrictive policies to uploading videos on Pornhub if everything remains the same on the many other websites that allow uploads. It is not something trivial, as we are talking about websites like XVideos.com, youporn.com or redtube.com among many others.