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Pluto TV is debuting eight new free themed channels to celebrate Christmas

Pluto TV is launching eight new free channels themed to celebrate Christmas. The free television platform over the Internet that landed in Spain at the end of October is fulfilling its promise to gradually increase its list of channels.

This time it is a series of channels with content for the whole family that extend the current service offering to 48 channels in total. While five of them are special for Christmas, the other three channels will stay on the platform permanently.

Thematic channel rotation

Pluto Tv Christmas

From Pluto TV they had already told us that one of their strategies would be the publication of thematic channels that could be dedicated to a genre, an event, or the same series. In the case of Christmas channels, it is about:

Pluto TV Christmas, Pluto TV Kids Christmas, MTV Hits Christmas, and two environmental channels Christmas lights Y Fireplace, which have been designed with a special programming based on Christmas content, and will be available throughout the month of December.

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In addition to these five Christmas channels, Pluto TV also premieres three permanent thematic channels that will not disappear in December: a channel dedicated solely to reality MTV Pregnant at 16, another only to the animated series sponge Bob, and a thematic channel of Latino Cinema.

Pluto TV is a completely free streaming platform that does not require registration. In it you can find movies, series, reality, sports, and on-demand content that you can access from the web, Android, iOS, Apple TV and Fire TV.