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Play 'Rock, Paper or Scissors' against an artificial intelligence

There can be nothing "more 2020" than play 'Rock, Paper or Scissors' against an artificial intelligence. It is a version created by Afiniti, a company that claims to be the "world leader in applied artificial intelligence."

When we entered we will see two hands occupying most of the screen: on the right with a human aspect (which is the one we drive us) and on the right with a robotic look (the one controlled by the AI).

Our repeating patterns

On the bottom three red circular buttons appear: the one on the left to select "stone", the one in the center to select "paper" and the one on the right to select "scissors".

Window And Rock Paper Scissors Afiniti

Just above some yellow numbers tell us how the game is going, placing each score on the corresponding side and in the center the number of times we have tied / obtained the same ("Ties").

The most interesting of all is that at the bottom we can activate a mode that teaches us "how the computer is thinking". They make it clear to us that they are "trying to predict our movements, based on play history":

"It is quite likely that you end up repeating yourself."

From Afiniti they affirm that people are not inherently random: "the hand that you play after having chosen scissors and you lose will not be a truly random choice".

Window And Rock Paper Scissors Afiniti

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They add that "when we are actively trying to defeat AI, our choices will be repeated." That's when artificial intelligence "all you have to do is identify the patterns" and anticipate.

It is something that I have verified playing several games against this AI. In the first hands Many times I am able to win with a lot of difference, but as the game progresses I see that the score turns quickly.