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Play the Lottery the TuLotero app

The TuLotero app is your best Christmas companion: this is all you can do with it.

With Christmas just around the corner there are many of us who are already licking each other, and not precisely because of the gifts and the nougat, but because the 2020 Christmas Lottery draw, which will distribute, in a particularly hard year, nothing more and nothing less than 2,408 million euros, with a jackpot of 400,000 euros. Almost nothing.

The draw will be held throughout the morning of December 22th, so if like most Spaniards you plan to play with a number, you still have time to buy tickets or shares. A purchase you can make From the phone with total comfort using the TuLotero app, which by the way, offers many other additional benefits that will make this year, yes or yes, feel the Lottery like never before.

Meet TuLotero, the best application for you to play the lottery

mobile lottery ticket

Checking the lottery on your mobile is now easier than ever.

If you still don't know her, TuLotero is a free mobile application available for both Android and iOS with which you can play the lotery and other raffles, check results, use your scanner for tickets and tickets ... In short, manage all your tickets and participations in a tremendously simple and totally safe way.

And be careful because we are not talking about any app. For you to do an idea of ​​its magnitudeDuring last year's Christmas lottery, TuLotero, El Gordo, the second and third prizes, a fourth and two fifth prizes passed through. Also in 2019, TuLotero gave 130 million euros to a Spanish EuroMillions player. As if that were not enough, it is always the most downloaded mobile application during the Christmas period. Do you need more reasons to try it?

Why play the Christmas Lottery using the TuLotero app

For this special Christmas Lottery draw, the application has prepared a series of news and promotions that you have to know (and take advantage of). We speak first of a free 1 euro code for new users with a participation to the number of TuLotero de Navidad.

Redeem the code from the TuLotero app with these simple steps:

1- Click on the icon in the upper left symbol ☰.

your bolero app

Once you register, you must carry out this first step.

2- A drop-down menu with several options appears, touch "Activate promotions".

app your lottery

It is a very simple app to use.

3- In this section is where you can enter the promotional code where Andro4all gives € 1 from the Christmas Lottery with TuLotero ”. The code you must put is "Andro4all" Y… Magic! A piece of gift with which you can earn real money and to which they are added additional functions with which to share the illusion.

Tulottero promo code

In this section you must enter the code "Andro4all".

4- Once entered, you will get the message that the code has already been validated and ready to be able to play a participation or buy a ticket for this Christmas.

tulotero app

Once your code is correctly activated, you can buy and start playing

If you want to buy more shares you should go to the section "Rocks" and you can buy directly. To see your € 1 participation you must go to the "My tickets" section.

With the TuLotero app you can receive your Christmas tenth in physical form, exactly the same as if you bought it in person in a lottery administration. TuLotero will send it to you by courier or priority collection (without queues) in the administration of your choice.

In addition, you can buy Christmas tickets from any province in the country and from almost any administration. We talk in total about more than 60,000 numbers available through the app. And if all this is not enough for you, here comes the best: with TuLotero you can buy your Christmas tenth half to share it with family and friends without headaches, you can create groups of ... Up to 100 people!

Your Lotero tenth lottery

TuLotero is always the most downloaded Christmas application.

TuLotero is totally free and without commissions. It is a 100% secure application since the bets you make are processed by official administrations associated with the State Lottery and Betting network. Also, in case you turn out lucky or lucky, you can collect your allowance instantly in your bank account without commissions and with total anonymity.

Finally, if you want to download the application, of course, keep in mind that You can access TuLotero in two ways. On the one hand you can download the application from Google Play and on the other you can do it from the official website of TuLotero, in this second case accessing the full version of the app, from which you can buy all the lottery you want (remember that you have free euro from TuLotero With the code Andro4All).

Having said that, To play and good luck!