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Pinterest ends ex-COO's gender discrimination lawsuit by paying $ 22.5 million

Françoise Brougher, Former Pinterest COO, sued the company after being fired. The former COO accused them of gender discrimination and retaliation.

Today we know that Pinterest has agreed to resolve said demand, paying Brougher $ 22.5 million. Both the company and Brougher say they will donate $ 2.5 million to support the work of charities that help women and underrepresented minorities in the tech industry.

"The Pinterest paradox: cupcakes and toxicity"

In a statement, Pinterest states that they "recognize the importance of fostering a work environment that is diverse, equitable and inclusive," adding that "they will continue their actions to improve this culture".

For its part, the plaintiff assures that it collects with satisfaction the measures that Pinterest has adopted to improve its work environment and encourages them to "commit to building a culture that allows all employees to feel included and supported."

In August of this year, Françoise posted an entry on Medium titled "The Pinterest Paradox: Cupcakes and Toxicity." Here he stated that "Although 70% of Pinterest users are women, the company is run by men with little input from female executives. "

"Female executives at Pinterest, even at the highest levels, are marginalized, excluded, and silenced. I know this because, until my firing in April, I was the chief operating officer of Pinterest."

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In said entry looks back at the time you entered Pinterest, in mid-2018. It states that "in just over two years it grew Pinterest's profit from 500 million to 1.1 billion."

Add that, According to Pinterest, she wasn't fired for the results she got, but for not being "collaborative". The former COO accused the platform of being fired for highlighting the "unbridled discrimination, hostile work environment and misogyny that pervades Pinterest."

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Anyway, Brougher already made it clear that this problem is not specific to Pinterest: "exists in many organizations". At the time, she said she "hoped sharing her story could help dismantle the gender bias system" that exists within companies like Pinterest.

A few hours ago, Brougher said that he was "glad Pinterest took this very seriously" and that he hopes it "is the first step in creating a better work environment" within the company.