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parts that change color

Your next mobile could change color: this is how smartphones with crystals that change color work.

We already got our first look at the mind-blowing technology behind color-changing glass mobiles. Now, it seems to be much clearer that this will be one of the 2021 trends in the phone industry.

The first firm to show its interest in developing a device with this technology was Alive. On this occasion, it is another firm of Chinese origin that has shown the world how their mobiles will work with electrochromic crystals.

Color changing mobile

Vivo's mobile that changes color.

Nubia prepares its first mobile with color-changing glass

Nubia is the signature that has shown, through a video displayed on your Weibo profile, how one of its future terminals would be able to change appearance through a simple button.

Unlike the Vivo model, Nubia would bet on an electrochromic crystal that would allow change the opacity of the rear glass to the user's taste.

It is not the first time we have seen something similar on a device. Earlier this year, OnePlus showed the Concept One, a device with the fully hidden rear cameras behind glass using a technology similar to that present in the Nubian prototype.

In this case, in addition, technology has a utility beyond pure aesthetics: the fact of power darken the glass lets use it as polarizing filter for cameraso that captured images become sharper when light hits the sensor too aggressively.

Be that as it may, it is unclear whether Nubia plans carry out the project and end up launching its terminal with electrochromic glass over the next year. In any case, it seems likely that this is going to be one of the big design trends in the phone market in 2021.