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OPPO resurrects modular cameras with a striking design you have to see

OPPO once again shows its innovative character with this patent.

We are used to Asian companies taking the lead when it comes to bizarre innovations, but the latest from OPPO, honestly, we did not see it coming, and that the firm has already given us several times clues about its ingenious character.

The Chinese firm has registered a patent showing a smartphone with a removable camera module In the back. According to the images (published by 91 Mobiles) it can be deduced that this module can be remove from the panel and use it to take selfies with the help of a USB-C connector that would be "hidden" and could be used at various angles.

Also, according to what is shown in the images, there are two sensors and a flash for this patent although, frankly, it does not seem an impediment that the The same operation could be performed with more lenses.

oppo patents removable camera all together

OPPO patent removable camera. Via 91 Mobiles.

Features of the removable sensor

The patent registration also gives us some clue as to the terminal layout and, from what we see, it will be pretty generic. The great innovation in this OPPO smartphone will already be made in the section of its cameras, which would not be little. The removable module will include camera sensors, a flexible circuit board, and a Type-C connector and thanks to the description we also know that it might have support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC.

Also, this revolutionary module portable for lenses would have its own lithium battery to recharge independently when needed.

Oppo A91 blue

One of the thinnest phones on the market is from OPPO.

In any case, its launch at least in the short term seems complicated. The registration of a patent is not a definitive sign that it is going to be commercialized, but simply that the company is active in the search for innovations and possibilities for its smartphones. In fact, the first impression is that its operation would be as curious as it is uncomfortable for day to day and that a front camera would also be required to be a functional device.