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Opera finally lets you install extensions from the Chrome Web Store without unnecessary complications

Opera has been one of many browsers based on Chromium for many years now and therefore has the advantage of supporting Chrome extensions, but unlike options like Vivaldi, Brave or Microsoft Edge itself, the Norwegian browser requires an additional step to install them.

Although it is possible to install any extension for Chrome in Opera, you must first install an extension from Opera's own add-on store: the so-called Install Chrome Extensions. Well now with Opera 74, you no longer need.

Opera 74 supports native installation of extensions for Chrome

Opera Chrome Extensions

The latest stable version of Opera is 73, released in early December, so we should have Opera 74 in early January 2020. However, it is possible to install version 74 with Opera Developer.

At the moment the native installation of Chrome extensions is behind a flag, that is, an experimental function, and needs to be activated from the page of opera: // flags. There you should look for the option "Native Chrome webstore extensions installation" and enable it.

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Install Chrome Opera Extensions

Once this is done and the browser restarted, you can install any extension for Chrome as if you were using Chrome itself, without having to install anything else.

Curiously, it is not the first time that Opera adds this option to install Chrome extensions directly, they have been considering it since 2018, but it still does not enter the stable version. Hopefully this time it is the final one.

Via | Techdows