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Only one Google app has managed to reach 5 billion downloads in 2020

Google Photos, the latest application to overcome the 5,000 download barrier on Google Play, and the only Google application to do so during 2020.

If this year 2020 you have started to use Google Photos, you have contributed to the photography and image editing app's milestone of becoming the Google only app to reach more than 5,000 million installations throughout the year.

Only one other application has managed to overcome this barrier throughout the year, and it is none other than WhatsApp itself. The messaging app surpassed 5 billion installations in January this year, and Google Photos did so just before 2020 ended.

Google Photos in 2020

Google Photos has reached the figure of 5,000 million downloads.

Google Photos exceeds 5,000 million installations on Google Play

It was in 2017 when Google announced that its image and video storage application exceeded 1 billion downloads for the first time. Since then, the growth of Google Photos has been unstoppable, leaving behind any alternative created by Google's rivals.

But maybe things change from now on. Since Google has decided remove free unlimited image storage plan in Google Photos, it is likely that many people decide to look for an alternative where they can save their photos for free.

In any case, it must also be taken into account that Google Photos is an app that comes pre-installed in the vast majority of Android mobiles sold globally, and it is not surprising that the number of installations is growing by leaps and bounds, since not all the installations that have helped to overcome the 5,000 million barrier have been downloads made by the users themselves.