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one more weapon in the war for our time and attention

Some users are receiving in Android a new and curious feature of Netflix, which allows a way in which the audio will not only be the protagonist, but also it will be the only variable that we will perceive through the senses, because the platform will not display any content visually.

Netflix calls this feature "Audio Only"or" Audio only ", and it is possible to activate it directly from the video playback screen, with a button that contains the name" Video On / Off ", that is," Video On / Off. "It is very interesting that the mode is you can run always, or only with external speakers and aruicular.

The meaning of "audio only" on Netflix is ​​yet to be seen


Source: Android Police.

That Netflix takes a step like this is appreciated, because basically it does not subtract, and can add up for people who want to listen to a series without watching it. On YouTube, this feature or function (of YouTube Premium) makes more sense given the number of videos that do not really need visual support. On Netflix it is, in general, the opposite.

It is true that there are documentaries that can be followed without watching the video, as a podcast, and it is clear that it can promote other types of content. Netflix says that its rival for our attention is Fortnite and not HBO, and this is yet another weapon in the fight to stay on the platform. On the other hand, it is not the most common, but there are people who relax or sleep listening to their favorite series. AND don't forget that this can help blind people save battery and data.

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We will have to see which platforms in addition to Android Netflix takes this, well it will depend on whether it makes massive sense and that, in a way, perhaps they bet on content that, without being podcasts, can be reproduced as if we were listening to one.

Via | Android Police