one more step on the long road ahead

Microsoft has finally released x64 application emulation on Windows 10 on ARM on ARM64 devices, which are still very few. The news will reach users who are attached to Windows Insider, who through the DeV Channel will receive Build 21277 that carries it with them.

Since its release, Windows 10 on ARM has only been able to emulate Windows x86 32-bit applications, which left out 64-bit applicationsAlthough it is not a serious problem, because the backward compatibility on the platform is legendary, it did make the platform lack a future due to the lack of arrival of many native applications so far. In this sense, we have already commented that the [llegada de los M1]( from Apple is the best thing that happened to him to Redmond's low-power platform.

What does this allow today

Microsoft claims that with the novelty of this update, users will be able to install x64 (64-bit non-ARM64 native) applications from both the Store and external installers. So, Microsoft urges testing with apps like Autodesk Sketchbook, Rocket League or even applications with x86 versions like Chrome, which also have a 64-bit version and can work with this emulation.

It says a lot about the state of the platform that, after observing in 2018 that Microsoft engineers were working with Google to bring Chrome to Windows 10 in ARM natively, to this day that version has not yet arrived, although the consolation of that Microsoft Edge is covered and it works very well. Adobe hasn't ported its apps yet, but Chrome is even more necessary for many users.

Microsoft and Adobe make it clear that the transition of their apps from macOS to Apple Silicon will not be the disaster that it was with Intel

64-bit application emulation is an important step for the platform, but the key remains to have hardware at the height of the present in Intel and AMD, as Apple has already achieved in the segment of equipment with M1, and above all, that professional or simply advanced applications arrive natively. And it is something that is fed back: without applications, hardware manufacturers will have no incentive to launch both chips and laptops and convertibles.

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