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One more month, WhatsApp accumulates more downloads than any other application

After months of TikTok leadership, WhatsApp regained the global scepter in September.

Time passes but there are things that do not change and one of them is that WhatsApp continues to be the application par excellence that all smartphone users want to have.

After many months of TikTok leadership, WhatsApp has regained its throne and is the most downloaded application of the month of November according to the data collected by SensorTower.

Most downloaded apps month of November

Most downloaded apps of the month of November. Via SensorTower.

As we see in the table above, the messaging app belonging to Facebook returns to first place in the set of most downloaded applications and also in the Play Store, while in the IOS universe section it only climbs one position compared to the month of October and has to settle for sixth place.

In total, WhatsApp accumulated in the month of November 58 million downloads, having in India its bastion market with 17.4 million downloads and Nigeria second with 5.8 million. Between the two they accumulate 40% of downloads during the past month.

It should be noted that this classification does not take into account mobile games.

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TikTok continues its good course

The fact of losing the first position is not an excessively negative news for TikTok, since the app for short videos of Chinese origin continues to be in the most relevant positions and, what is more important, generating an impressive volume of business. So, TikTok had a turnover of 123 million dollars during November, which represents an increase of 370% compared to the same period last year.

Of course, here it must be pointed out that 85% of TikTok's earnings come from its Chinese "version" Douyin, while the United States scratches 8% of its profit. Speaking in terms of downloads, the figure for the month of November was 55 million.

Other highlights of this SensorTower ranking include the third position of Facebook and that Zoom is out of the top-5 for the first time in months.