now you can see the route of your travels

The integration of Google Maps timeline with Google Photos it is already a reality. Announced last November, we can now check our tours directly from the map of the photo gallery.

This new feature is now available to all Google Photos users. The chronology is activated by default, but we can hide it.

The timeline on your Google Photos map

Google Photos Timeline

If we access the tab Look for and click on the section Your map A message informs us that now we can see our chronology on the map, with the option to deactivate this feature if we do not want to see our routes from Google Photos.

How to use the quick editor of Google Photos to improve your photos in a simple way

The Google Photos timeline allows us see the tour that we have followed every day with the photos we have taken at each point on the map. It is the same location history that we find in Google Maps, with the difference that we will only see the photos without the visited sites.

Google Photos allows us change the map view to your satellite or relief view in your options menu. It also allows us to hide our timeline or configure our location history.

Google Photos

Google Photos

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