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Nova Launcher Prime at 0.59 euros in Google Play, the best Android launcher at an undeniable price

Google Play houses millions of applications that cover every imaginable use for our small pocket computers, even if they are getting smaller and smaller. For any functionality that we want to express there are thousands of alternatives but some categories have more localized leaders than others.

When we talk about customizable launchers for our Android, Nova Launcher is the undisputed king. A launcher that is not only versatile but also incorporates more and more features and has a free version and a paid version that unlocks all its features. And it is precisely the latter, Nova Launcher Prime, which is on sale on Google Play at a really incredible price.

Nova Launcher Prime at 0.59 euros

Nova Launcher is one of the most popular Android launchers or third-party launchers thanks to the many things that it allows you to modify on your mobile. For example, you can choose how to open the application drawer, customize the size of the icons, hide applications from the launcher even if they are still installed, or even choose between different methods to turn off your mobile phone screen.

13 tricks to customize your Android with Nova Launcher

In addition to this, Nova Launcher allows you to add several pages to the dock or bottom bar, change the grids of the desktop and the application drawer, or activate or deactivate the search bar in the application drawer. By proxy, you can even modify the animations when opening the applications or hide clock from notification bar.

As we have said before, the functions of Nova Launcher vary depending on the user or the device and some are only unlocked if we are users of the Prime version, the paid version. But we are in luck because Nova Launcher Prime has dropped in price for Christmas. If it usually costs 5.25 euros, right now it is reduced to 0.59 euros. A price that you can not miss to get, we assure you, the best launcher of all Android.


Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime