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new design, improved search and more refined code

Evernote has just announced the arrival of its renewed application to Android. The now classic notes application is renewed to adapt its interface to what has already been seen on iOS, Windows and Mac. The application has been completely rebuilt, with a new, more intuitive and modern design.

From Evernote they state that the update is now official and will arrive in the coming weeks to all Android devices. In the case that we use Android 10 or later, we will enter the automatic queue for the update, but if we have Android 9 or an earlier version, we will not see the update in the store yet.

This is the new Evernote


The new Evernote, according to the developers, try to be more intuitive. Now we will have more control over the notes and their appearance, with more tools to change fonts, colors and more. Checklists are now more customizable, and significantly easier to cross out in one tap.

Menus, buttons, search bar ... everything has been redesigned in the new Evernote to be more intuitive

We also have now a new multifunction button that allows us to add audio, checkboxes, photos, attachments and others to the notes. In the same way, the toolbar has been redesigned to make it easier to access the shortcuts.

The search engine is now more accurate, with suggestions in real time as we type. We will be able to filter searches by tag, attachment, file format and more, so as not to lose sight of anything that we have added to Evernote.

The changes do not come only at the level of functions. The application has been rebuilt with a new code base which, according to Evernote, is now more stable than ever. The goal is for the platform to be as consistent as possible between iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, with a common design for all operating systems.

Evernote Corporation

Evernote Corporation