Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Mail are examples of "modern software" featured in the Brexit deal

Netscape Communicator, one of the bits of browsers that some dinosaurs got to use in prehistoric times in the late 1990s, has made a strange comeback in a major 2020 document: the Brexit deal.

And it is that after months and months of negotiation, the European Union finally signed the Brexit agreement for its future relationship with the United Kingdom. A gigantic document that has a section dedicated to encryption technologies, one in which programs like Mozilla Mail and the aforementioned Netscape are curiously referred to as "modern software".

Digital security for the 21st century with outdated technology

As noted in The Guardian, the text is found on page 921 of the agreement, one that due to its urgency left very little time for it to be examined by members of parliament, but which is rapidly being explored online.

Web browsers that swept: first Netscape, then Internet Explorer and finally Chrome, this has been the evolution since 1996

That's what William Buchanan did, a professor and computer science expert who is also director of the Center for Distributed Computing and Security at Edinburgh Napier University.

Post Brexit UK Recommends Older Software Than Internet Explorer and Thunderbird

Buchanan posted the page in question on his Twitter account where you can read not only the references to Netscape Communicator 4.x and "modern email software packages like Mozilla Mail" but also the recommendations for outdated encryption algorithms such as 1024-bit RSA and SHA-1 as the "standard to be used in encryption mechanisms".

There are those who believe that it is most likely that this section of the document has been copied and pasted from old texts due to the need to do it quickly, otherwise the suggestions made in it with more than 20 years of technological delay are not explained.