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Movistar launches self-activated prepaid SIM cards

Buy prepaid SIM cards and activate them whenever and wherever you want.

Movistar has announced that from today it will sell Self-activated prepaid SIM cards to the general public, thanks to which it will be possible to have a prepaid mobile line activated anytime, anywhere at the user's decision.

First operator in Spain to put this product on the market

Movistar SIM cards

Movistar is the first network operator to have this type of card.

Until now, prepaid cards had to be activated by an intermediary, normally in the operators' own store or at authorized points of sale, however, from now on, Movistar opens the melon of which they are the users themselves those who decide when to activate their prepaid card. An unprecedented change that places Movistar at the head of this particular service, which is aimed at users who want control your telephone costs as much as possible or for those looking for a temporary line for leisure or business.

According to Movistar, the objective of this change is to offer greater control of the product to the customer, in addition to avoid waiting and crowds in company stores, especially if we take into account that these self-activated prepaid cards can be purchased through the Movistar website or by calling 1004.

How to activate your Movistar prepaid card from home

The activation process couldn't be easier:

  • The prepaid SIM card comes with a preloaded balance of 10 euros.
  • Use the activation code that you will find on the purchase receipt or by calling 1004.
  • Sign in and follow the steps of the activation process.

As if that were not enough, Movistar has also announced that a special christmas promotion in which will double the gigs for the same price. This promotion applies to both sign-ups and rate renewals and will be available from now on and until January 31. In this way, the usual prepaid rates of 7, 15 and 25 gigs, go to 14, 15 and 25 gigs respectively.

Likewise, clients who have a Merger or an infinite contract will be able to access an additional prepaid line with special price: 5 euros for 5GB and 20 consumable minutes up to four weeks.