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Motorola shows TV mode and Dex-style desktop mode that prepares for next year's Moto G

During the presentation of the Snapdragon 888 yesterday, there was time for Qualcomm partners to express their plans for this chip. The president of Motorola's mobile division, Sergio Bunac, did the same in a short video that previews some of the experiences that will come to future Moto Gs: a desktop mode and a TV mode.

The video shows some of the experiences that are to come to the Moto G series, and that involve the use of the mobile in other areas beyond its screen: connecting it to the TV to play games or turning it into a Smart TV or connecting it to a PC to use a desktop mode similar to Samsung Dex.

Mobile, Smart TV and PC, all in one

Motorola has briefly taught us the convergence plans it has for its new generation of Moto G mobiles, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the series. It does so with a teaser video where we can see some of the "Snapdragon 800 experiences" that will come to the Moto G.

Because the "desktop mode" And raising an Android for PC seems like a lost opportunity for Google

First, we see a mobile connected to a TV in such a way that it can be used to make video calls with the TV, as well as turn it into Android TV by running applications such as YouTube, Netflix or Disney + on the TV. In addition to viewing content, games such as Minecraft, Among US or GTA: San Andreas are included, which can be played by connecting a wireless controller to the mobile.


On the other hand, we have the experiences of desktop mode, which allow you to have a PC-like experience when connecting a Motorola mobile to a Lenovo touch monitor. An interface better adapted to the big screen is then obtained, in the same way as Samsung does with its Dex mode and with which you can open multiple apps at the same time in floating windows.


In the video we see Google Sheets, Pinterest and Gmail, as well as the taskbar, the desktop and the application launcher as a Windows start menu, as well as some of the multitasking possibilities, such as cutting and pasting an image from one app to another.

It is a conceptual video, although they are news that we should see in some Moto G model from 2021 that, surprisingly, it mounted a Snapdragon of the 800 series, a significant leap in power over previous generations. Nothing is confirmed, although this Moto G could be the model with the codename Nio, which has been leaking for a few weeks.

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