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Motorola announces the phones that will update to Android 11

During these last weeks, manufacturers have been announcing when they will update their mobiles to Android 11. Still very few models have updated to the latest version of Google's mobile operating system, even so it is already the version that is reaching mobile phones the fastest, but It is expected that in the coming months the update will begin to reach most of the latest mobiles.

The last manufacturer to break its silence has been Motorola, which has finally officially announced which phones in its catalog will soon receive all the news of Android 11.

Motorola mobiles that will update to Android 11

The manufacturer Motorola confirms that Android 11 will arrive in the coming months to 23 models of the company. At the moment the update is only confirmed for the mid and high range of 2020 and 2019.

All the news of Android 11

The list of Motorola mobiles that will update to Android 11 is as follows:

Motorola has not specified the dates. It has limited itself to announcing that Android 11 will arrive on its mobiles in the coming months. It has also not reported if they will expand the list, but hopefully they will also update the Moto E range.

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