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Miquel Montoro and La Resistencia occupy the throne with Aitana and Bisbal in the most viewed on YouTube in 2020 in Spain

Another year, although not just any year, YouTube has published the most viewed in our country in 2020, divided into musical and non-musical content. The national music list has left some surprises, because the artists that populate it this year are not similar to the most listened to on the Spotify list, which was also published today.

One thing that we will see repeatedly is the influence of COVID-19, which has impacted about five videos of the total. Let's hope that next year we will return to total normality.

TOP 10 most viewed music videos in Spain


In a year as strange as 2020 due to the pandemic, its effect has been noticed in the most viewed music videos on YouTube. The protagonist, 'If You Want It', by Aitana and David Bisbal, does not have a video clip in which they appear together because the singers could not record it together during the confinement. In fact, the video shows much of what we Spaniards did in our homes during those days, from exercising to going out on balconies.

More effect of the pandemic is seen in that the fourth most listened song of the year is 'Resistiré 2020', a song that more than 30 artists released during those months with the objective of encouraging the population and obtaining benefits for Caritas.

TOP 10 most viewed videos of any category


Among the most viewed non-music videos there are not many surprises. In the first place we have Miquel Montoro, who has become a YouTube star and has gone viral on networks with his 'Host, Pilotes'. If we add to that the moment that La Resistencia lives, we have the perfect cocktail. In fact, Miquel Montoro is also an important part of another Esttik video, where he eats 50 of his piles in just 5 minutes.

The effect of COVID-19 has also been very noticeable here, as Cirque du Soleil video was uploaded for free as a measure to entertain people during lockdown and the one of Feel Young is the typical video with which one played sports at home in those days. Finally, with we see another of the trends of those months: that of making bread at home.

Ibai Llanos could not miss in the TOP-10, with a reissue of his legendary video to help with the selectivity.