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Microsoft's cloud game comes to the desktop

Xbox Game Pass is a highly praised Microsoft service that can be enjoyed on both consoles and desktop, but a part of it, which goes with Game Pass UltimateAs it is xCloud, it is still far from the PC. The company has announced that for a short time, as Microsoft's cloud game will reach computers in spring 2021.

At that time, xCloud will also land on iOS, as Microsoft anticipated, which will put an end to one of the biggest struggles in the world of video games, because so far, and with much controversy, xCloud and Stadia were not available on the platform due to Apple limitations.

The conflict did not reach the level that those from Cupertino have with Epic Games, but it could mean a new confrontation with competition organizations. Yes, the cloud game on iOS will work via browser, not by downloading an app from the App Store.

The game in the cloud on PC will work through the Xbox app and the browser

Unlike what happens on iOS, on Windows PCs, xCloud will work from the Xbox application, and also from the browser. It will be necessary to see which ones are compatible, and if in Linux or in macOS you can play by choosing that route, because for example Microsoft Edge is already available on both platforms.

Game Pass makes gamers "experiment with games they've never played before": Interview with Jason Ronald from Xbox

Microsoft says more than 1 billion devices will be added to this new era of Xbox Game Pass, and the truth is that there can be many more, between Windows and iOS. At the moment, the maximum resolution of the service is 720p. This point is probably the most negative of the offer, since an "HD" resolution is something that was many years behind for recent equipment. Stadia's 4K may not be necessary at the moment, but 1080p with 60fps is almost necessary in such an offer to attract customers.

The explanation for this resolution in streaming is probably found in a detail that Tom Warren reviewed: that at launch, xCloud games are being powered by Xbox One S. Everything may change from next year if, as the journalist affirms from The Verge, Microsoft runs games in the cloud on the new Xbox Series X, which does offer 4K gaming at 60fps.