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Microsoft releases a Windows 10 update just to see how fast it can release them

Among the more "2020" things we've seen Microsoft do this weird course is to release a Windows 10 update for people participating in the Windows Insiders program, just to check. how fast you can release an update after you have already released one.

Yes, as it sounds, Microsoft has released an update that according to Brandon LeBlanc, the person in charge of the Insider program, serves to "test our ability to quickly roll out one update after another.

A good year for Microsoft, Windows 10 (and Linux) in terms of updates

Windows 10 Linux

After very bad years for Windows 10 updates, this 2020 has not given Redmond too many headaches. The truth is that there have been few relevant and profound changes at the system level as there was in the fateful 2018, for example.

The most relevant for the company in terms of Windows 10 has been, paradoxically, the launch of WSL 2, which has brought to the system a real Linux kernel, with a completely different architecture than the first version, support for ARM64 devices, kernel upgradeable from Windows Update, and access to the Linux file system from Windows Explorer.

The negative point of the year, although forgivable due to the situation that has been experienced worldwide is the delay in Windows 10X, the system prepared for double screens and folding devices that should have arrived in the last quarter, but that we will finally see in 2021, and debuting on traditional laptopsWell, Microsoft has mentioned that the pandemic has changed everything.