Microsoft is testing a new feature that allows us to interact with Windows 10 using voice

Microsoft has started testing a new feature intended to be incorporated into future Windows 10 updates: a 'voice launcher' that would improve the way users interacts with the applications and files in the Microsoft operating system.

But let's start at the beginning ... last September, Microsoft began testing a revamped version of the application On-screen keyboard, which included two new features: a new emoji selector and a functionality named 'Windows Voice Typing'.

From On-Screen Keyboard to the entire operating system

And it is the latter that Microsoft is now looking for embed anywhere in the operating system where there is a text field with access to the Windows Search API.

An example of this is the following screenshot, where we can see that, when we click on one of these text fields, a widget appears on the screen that allows us to use our voice to dictate the text to search:

Windows Search


Once this new feature is activated, users will be able to activate and deactivate the voice dictation function, as well as the self-government (which will allow adding periods, commas, question marks and others using only our intonation when speaking).

This function will also be activated by means of a keyboard shortcut: 'Windows + H'.

The company is currently experimenting with this new feature in the following regions and languages:

  • English: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and India.

  • French: France and Canada.

  • Portuguese: Brazil.

  • Spanish.

  • German.

  • Italian.

  • Japanese.

  • Simplified Chinese.

How to activate the touch and on-screen keyboard in Windows 10

From Microsoft they say they trust that users will agree to share their search data with them to fine-tune this technology, allowing more precise searches based on the analysis of your voice commands (although the clips with personal information will be deleted and the voice will not be linked to the user account):

"[El usuario] you could make this technology more accurate for everyone who speaks your language. If you decide to contribute your voice clips, some of them may be reviewed by Microsoft employees and vendors. "

Finally, although we do not have official information on when the voice search function will be implemented globally, it is likely that joins our Windows 10 with the occasion of the future update of October 2021.

Via | Windows Lastest