Microsoft Edge also gets Google Chrome's useful new automatic tab grouping

In Chrome it is possible group tabs with colored labels Since version 83, however, with version 87 being released a couple of weeks ago, a very useful experimental function was also introduced that automatically groups them together.

What this does is detect the domains of the URLs you open and label the tabs that share a domain with the same color, and those groups can be collapsed or expanded for convenience. If you find it interesting but you use Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome, you will not have to wait long to receive the same in this browser.

Now available in Microsoft Edge Canary

Although neither in Chrome nor in Edge is a function that is activated by default, in Microsoft's browser it is only available in the Canary version, that is, the most experimental branch that you can download from this link.

How to activate the useful new automatic tab grouping in Google Chrome

If you want to test automatic grouping from now on in Edge, you can do so by activating the Flag in the Canary version. You only have to:

Microsoft Edge Chromium Tab Grouping

  • to write edge: // flags in Edge's URL bar

  • Write "Tab Groups" (without quotes) in the search engine

  • Enable the four results that appear (as in the image above) by changing the drop-down menu to "Enable"

  • Restart Edge.

Once you do this, the function will be active, and from now on every time you open tabs of the same domain, they will be automatically grouped with a colored label. You can left click on that label to collapse the group or expand it again.

Can you do right click on the color circle to change the color of a group, add or remove tabs, close the group or ungroup everything. You can also drag the circle to move the entire group of tabs.

Via | Techdows