messaging app crashes in Europe (updated)

Telegram does not work! This is what you need to know about the messaging app crash.

Telegram has stopped working in half the world for a few hours. The messaging application that more and more people use as an alternative to WhatsApp seems to be experiencing problems in various regions of the world, including Spain and other countries in Europe.

The company behind the app has confirmed to be aware of the issues, which a good number of users have reported through platforms such as Downdetector. In that sense, they indicate that Telegram prevents them from sending messages or updating chats.

Telegram for Android

Telegram for Android, one of the most used messaging apps.

Telegram goes down in Europe and the Middle East

According to the company, the drop appears to be mainly affecting users from Europe and the Middle East. Although reference is made to "Connection issues", the causes of this fall have not been detailed.

Since the company is already aware of the issues, it is very likely that Telegram up and running again in the next few minutes. In any case, we will update this article once everything is back to normal.

Curiously, Telegram is not the only platform who has suffered problems recently. A few days ago, almost all Google services stopped working for about an hour, including platforms like YouTube or Gmail. In addition, Facebook services also experienced some problems at the beginning of the month that left millions of users temporarily unable to use apps like WhatsApp or Instagram.

Update - 15:33

Almost an hour after the first users echoed the drop, Telegram has confirmed that the problems have been fixed, and the messaging app should work normally again.