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make it appear thanks to Google's augmented reality

Baby Yoda is one of the characters most loved by the public in 'The Mandalorian', a series from the Star Wars universe that premiered at the end of last year on Disney +.

2020 has been a year in which we have been in our homes longer than usual, and now Google allows us virtually "invite" this tiny character to our home and interact with it.

Invite Baby Yoda for Christmas

To do this, we will simply have to open the Google app on our smartphone or tablet (both from Android and from iOS) and search for any of the following terms: "Baby Yoda", "The Child", "The Mandalorian" or "Grogu".

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We will see that in the search results an animated version of this character appears, and a button that allows us to see it in 3D. The augmented reality mode with "El Niño" will open, and you only have to press the button that says "See in your space."

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After moving the device and the Google app takes care of analyze our room, we will see how in a matter of seconds the character appears in an area of ​​our house, emitting all kinds of noises.

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We can zoom in, zoom out or rotate around it to see all the details at the distance we want. This novelty comes a month after an augmented reality app about 'The Mandalorian' specific for some Android devices.

Further, Google recently added 50 new animals to augmented reality searches (as we can see in the tweet above), adding giraffes, tigers, lions, zebras or hippos.