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Luminar AI, an editor with artificial intelligence capable of changing the lighting of a photo based on the sky that we put on it

Luminar It is, for some years now, one of the most relevant photo editing tools on the market. And now its developers (the Skylum company) have wanted to join the new trend in this field: the incorporation of artificial intelligence functions.

Of course, in the face of the trend to incorporate new tools powered by AI to traditional graphic editors (as Adobe has done implementing Adobe Sensei in Photoshop), Skylum has opted to launch new software that, based on Luminar 4, focuses precisely on facilitating photo editing using AI techniques: Luminar AI.

And, in a few minutes, Luminar AI is finally available on your website, for Windows and macOS, for 79 euros (for one team) or for 99 (for two).

What does Luminar AI offer?

Skylum claims to have "collaborated with the best photographers to train the app's neural network," allowing the user focus more on outcome than learning editing functions.

Skylum Luminar AI: first impressions of the new photo editor based on artificial intelligence

"Let's face it - traditional photo editing can be boring and time consuming. [Lumina AI] automates the most common manual tasks and simplifies complexity. "

Skylum offers a compilation of the main functions that Luminar AI incorporates on the official website of the new software:

  • You supercontrast: To fine tune the tone with six controls covering highlights, midtones and shadows.

  • Atmosphere AI: To add realistic atmospheric effects with 3D depth (fog, mist, steam, drizzle) without the need for masks and layers.

Iurie Belegurschi 3

  • Structure AI: To add depth and clarity to a scene "only in the necessary areas", recognizing both people and water, skies and objects (Skylum claims that it is capable of recognizing up to 7000 different types of objects).

  • CieloAI: Allows you to change the sky of a photo "in seconds" and re-illuminate the entire photo so that the colors of the photo match the new lighting of the photo.

  • Skin AI: It allows, for example, to instantly remove freckles while preserving pores, texture and hair.

Screenshot 11

  • IrisAI / FaceAI: The first enhances the expressiveness of the eyes; the second can enhance lips or teeth, or eliminate dark circles.

  • Body AI: To achieve slimmer or fatter bodies realistically.

  • Mood: "Experiment with new color palettes that transform the style and emotion of your image."

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Also, Lumina AI it also has an intelligent assistant that will guide us on the possible improvements to apply to our photo, in case we get lost among all the options or we feel lacking in creativity.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Luminar AI will not only allow us to edit the images in JPG format, but also also files in RAW format with which professional photographers are used to working.

Another fact: in addition to the software itself, Luminar AI is also offered (although not separately) as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, allowing you to enjoy these new smart features while allowing many designers to stay within their usual editing environment.