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LG WING, a twist on telephony to give wings to content creators

The LG WING completely changes the way you create content on your mobile through an innovative format and exclusive functions.

When the telephony market is flooded with clones that seem to come out of the same mold, it is more necessary than ever to bet on the models that they really bring something new and interesting, especially if that "something" can completely revolutionize the way we use our devices, enabling endless new possibilities that seemed unthinkable a while ago.

With the LG WING, LG has managed to combine the best of both worlds: a format that, at first glance, seems traditional and that therefore does not entail a too marked learning curve, and on the other a innovative concept that literally comes to take a turn how to understand smartphones and how to create content with them.

Video Playback on the LG Wing

This is how YouTube looks on the LG WING.

Turn your senses around

At first glance, the LG WING looks like a "normal" mobile ... except for details such as having a huge end-to-end display, with fully symmetrical bezels and without any cutout, offering a immersive experience free of obstacles, optimal when consuming or creating content, be it images or videos.

Best of all, is that the most special feature of the LG WING is only a simple gesture away. Just slide the main screen slightly to the left, for a pleasant “click” sound emitted by the hydraulic brake system, and an animation welcome us to the secondary phone screen, opening a world of possibilities.

One of the most useful and convenient is the possibility of play music or video via YouTube on the cool 6.8-inch OLED main display without controls or adjustments that disturb the experience, because the controls become automatically on the secondary 3.9-inch OLED screen, with an interface perfectly adapted and optimized for this panel.

That, not to mention the fantastic experience when playing to titles like Asphalt 9 Legends, adapted so that the circuit map is always visible on the secondary screen, leaving the larger panel completely occupied by the gameplay so we don't miss anything.

Uses of the LG Wing

Some of the uses that can be given to the LG WING screen.

Of course it is also possible take advantage of the device's multitasking capabilities, backed by the powerful Snapdragon 765G processor and its 8 GB of RAM memory, which makes everything fly even when we run two applications simultaneously, one on each screen of the device, making the most of the space on each panel.

And for those who prefer to create content rather than consume it, the LG WING hides even more secrets. And it is that its format allows it to be the world's first mobile with a "gimbal mode" that is supported by the comfortable grip provided by the secondary screen.

With this mode, it will be possible capture perfectly stabilized videos, thanks to control joysticks and shortcuts that give the possibility of lock the frame, move it vertically and horizontally, or activate such useful functions as follow mode or first-person view mode.

LG Wing, map and internet

Multitasking, to another level in the LG WING.

All this, in addition, is supported by such innovative functions as the ASMR audio recording or the “voice bokeh” effect, capable of eliminating background noise from our videos to highlight what is truly important. All these functions are part of the so-called “LG Creator's Kit”, a suite room of functions and exclusive additions with which to take advantage of the terminal's capabilities in terms of content creation.

Of course, such a technological deployment would be useless without cameras to match. In the WING, we found a system consisting of a total of four cameras, three on the back and one hidden in an elegant module pop-up that appears and disappears when necessary, to leave the screen totally free of obstacles.

Its main configuration is led by a high resolution camera, with 64 megapixels, which is accompanied by a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle camera, a third sensor, also 12 megapixels and with an ultra wide angle lens, dedicated to capturing video in “Gimbal mode”.

Flag resistance and 5-year warranty

LG Wing, open back

The back of the LG WING with the screen unfolded.

But the fact of being a mobile with one of the most innovative formats ever seen does not imply that LG has left behind an aspect as important as that of the durability.

Besides of water repellent coating, the “anti-dust” treatment of your body, and the [certificación de grado militar MIL-STDC], the LG WING stands out for having a hinge capable of supporting more than 200,000 turns maintaining the smoothness that characterizes it from day one, which is even more surprising when we take a look at the device's technical sheet and realize that his body is only 10.8 millimeters thick.

And to give its buyers even more peace of mind, LG once again demonstrates its commitment against planned obsolescence by offering a total of five year warranty. This, added to the 5G connectivity that integrates its processor, make the LG WING a future proof mobile.

LG WING data sheet

LG WING, data sheet
Dimensions169.5 x 74.5 x 10.9 mm | 260 grams
screenMain 6.8-inch P-OLED, Full HD + resolution and 20: 9 | 3.9-inch 1.15: 1 Secondary
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 765G
OSLG UX on Android 10
Storage128/256 GB expandable with microSD
Cameras64 MP rear + 13 MP wide angle + 12 MP ultra wide angle | 32 MP front
Battery4,000 mAh and wireless charging
OthersOn-screen fingerprint reader

You can find more information about this unique device and about the 5 year warranty from LG on its official website.